Holt Hotel

Claude Du Vall was born in Normandy and came to Britain as a Footman to the Duke of Richmond. Once here he sustained a wealthy lifestyle by becoming the head of a notorious gang of highwaymen. Du Vall was famed for his way with the ladies. So much so that many high profile women appealed for a pardon before he was hung. He once insisted on dancing with one of his victims after robbing her husband of £100!

Du Vall was hanged in 1670 and buried at Convent Garden. His grave was marked (now destroyed) by a stone with the following epitaph:- "Here lies Duval, if male thou art, look to your purse, if female to thy heart." Shortly after Claude was hung, the proprietors of the Holt Hotel were found bludgeoned to death in their bed. Claude was blamed for his death. The crime was never solved.

Du Vall, among other restless souls, have been seen by patrons of the Holt to this day, floating about in the guest rooms, and the pub. Glasses fly from shelves. Cold spots are felt and choking sounds are heard...


This WeekendHaunts event will begin with your arrival at the infamous Holt Hotel on Friday where you can explore the area or just relax in the lovely surrounds of the Holt Hotel. Alternatively you can take part in our Psychic Workshop where you will learn, amongst other things, about spirit guides and mediumship and you will be able to use the skills you have learned later that night.

The evening begins with a full introduction to our WeekendHaunts paranormal events and Q&A session followed by a delicious 3 course meal. Our full paranormal investigation by one of the UK's top investigative teams will then take place including:

* Group vigils and sťances with psychic in most active locations
* Group tour of the most active locations with psychic
* Use of Ouija Boards
* Full discussion and debrief before bed
* Full English breakfast on Sunday morning

We have a limited number of places for this sought after event and so will have to work on a strictly first come, first served basis.

If you would like to join us on this event, email us at info@hauntedhotelguide.com to reserve your place...

The Price for this WeekendHaunts event is £159, including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast for one night, psychic entertainment and full paranormal investigation.

We encourage guests to bring their own photographic and recording equipment and to take as many photographs or videos as possible! All pictures will be posted onto our web site and you may download them following the event!

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