Mosborough Hall Event

Mosborough Hall was an ancient Manor House, the earliest parts of which date back to medieval times. Partly hidden by tall, stark trees, an air of mystery is enhanced by a high stone wall which hides the intimacies of the Hall from passers-by using the quiet Hallow Lane. There was a doorway through the wall, which was used by servants when they collected milk or eggs from the farm opposite. Many tales were told of strange noises and voices heard around this doorway, sufficient enough to raise a prickle on the back of the neck when walking past in the dim light of a fading evening.

The story of the White Lady, goes back to the late 1600`s. A Governess at the Hall had flirted with the squire and become to be pregnant. He had promised her monies and a small cottage, but, finding himself in some financial restraint, had finally refused. The angry voices are reputed to be their last bitter argument, when the girl's final threat to tell his wife led to her tragic death. He had visited her room on the pretext of keeping his promises and in one moment of desperation had slit the poor girl's throat. It is told she kept a large dog and that the dog pined to death at the side of her body.

Further ghostly stories of Mosborough include that of the Spectral Dog and Doctor Pilcher.

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This WeekendHaunts event will begin with your arrival on Friday. Take your time exploring the area or relax in the lovely surrounds of Mosborough Hall. Alternatively you can take part in our Psychic Workshop where you will learn, amongst other things, about spirit guides and mediumship and you will be able to use the skills you have learned later that night..
Saturday evening commences with a full introduction to our WeekendHaunts events and a Q&A session followed by a delicious 3 course meal...

Our full paranormal investigation of Jamaica Inn, by one of the UK's top investigative teams then takes place including:

* Group tour of the most active locations with mediums
* Group vigils and seances with mediums in most active locations
* Use of Ouija Boards
* Full discussion and debrief before bed
* Full English breakfast on Sunday morning.

If you're looking for thrilling haunted break, then join us on this one night WeekendHaunts event at beautiful Mosborough Hall.

The Price for this special WeekendHaunts event including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast for one night, psychic entertainment and full paranormal investigation is £169 per person...We only require 20% deposit to reserve your place - Simply click the 'Buy Now' button to book.

If you would like any further information about this WeekendHaunts event, email us at

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