Shieldhill Castle

Insomniacs visiting Shieldhill Castle should listen for things going bump in the night, for behind the door of a certain room, someone is definitely not sleeping.

Shieldhill has parts dating back to the 12th Century, but 'the keep' is the part haunted by the Grey Lady, thought to be a daughter of the Chancellor Family, who owned the house until the 1950s.

The Lady herself came from the 17th Century, a time of religious persecution in Scotland, and may have been driven to suicide after being molested by soldiers passing through the area.

The more accepted story, however, is that she fell in love with a 'commoner' and when her father forbade the marriage the broken-hearted lass committed suicide. The Lady, wrapped in a grey cloak, prefers to keep to her own room, which is one of the bedrooms available to guests. Sleep in it if you dare!

Within the last two years a fully liveried butler has been seen by several guests within the Victorian wing of the castle going about his daily bsuiness. Will you see him?


The WeekendHaunts event will begin with your arrival Friday in time to enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner. There will then be a Q&A session and a walk-around preliminary investigation prior to the main event involving our medium plus psychic entertainment.

On Saturday you are free to explore the town of Biggar or just relax in the lovely surrounds of Shieldhill Castle.

Saturday evening commences with another 3 course meal before the night’s full paranormal investigation by one of the UK's top investigative teams consisting of a Group Tour with mediums; Group Vigils and Séances with mediums followed by full discussion and debrief of findings.

The Price for this WeekendHaunts event is £279, including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast for two nights, psychic entertainment and full paranormal investigation...

If you would like to join us on this WeekendHaunts event, email us at to reserve your place...

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