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Ackergill Tower - By Wick

Steeped in history, the 15th Century, Ackergill Tower is a luxurious, exclusive use property. The Green Lady is said to roam the corridors...

Airth Castle - Airth

Airth Castle, which dates back centuries, is a beautiful, awe inspiring place. So much so that some of this luxurious hotel's ghostly inhabitants refuse to leave...

Ardoe House Hotel - Blairs

Ardoe House dates back to 1878. The hotel's traditional decor including wood panelled walls, enormous fireplaces and a grand staircase are not the only reminders of its past - some of the hotel's previous inhabitants still remain.

Auchen Castle Hotel - Near Moffat

The orginal Auchen Castle dates back to the early 13th Century. Now a stunning hotel, Auchen Castle has played host to many famous guests. Some of its guests, however, still remain and ghostly images are regularly witnessed...

Borthwick Castle - Gorebridge,

Stunning Borthwick Castle is now a luxurious hotel. It is said that the ghosts of a young servant girl and an ex-chancellor still wander the stony spiral staircases...

Comlongon Castle - Dumfries

The beautiful Comlongon Castle dates back to the 1300s. This truly breathtaking building is now a luxurious hotel. The hotel also boasts a ghost - that of the Green Lady, thought to be the spirit of Marion Carruthers...

Norwood Hall Hotel - Cults

Norwood Hall is sunning Mansion which dates back to the 1800s. The hotel still retains all of its character with its roaring log fires and oak panelled interior. It also retains a couple of its former inhabitants in the form of ghosts...

Shieldhill Castle Hotel - Biggar

Set amongst the rolling hills and farmlands of the Upper Clyde Valley lies the stunning 12 Century ShieldHill Castle - a romantic, 4 star, luxury hotel which is also home to the Grey Lady...

Ballindalloch Castle -

Barcaldine Castle - Nr. Oban

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Haunted Hotel Of The Month

Hazlewood Castle,
Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Stunning Hazlewood Castle is steeped in history and was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book carried out for King William. The Castle, including its bedrooms, is reputed to be haunted. Ghostly apparitions and sounds are regularly experienced...